Let's explain the features

Silvox offers simple, reliable performance that mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will appreciate. It is the ultimate tournament-grade gaming keyboard featuring ultrafast mechanical switches and dynamic lighting.

High Quality Brown Mechanical Switches

With a lifetime of over 50 million key strokes & anti-ghosting on all keys, these OUTEMU Brown switches are far superior to the unsatisfying, spongy membrane switches found in many keyboards, making them perfect for both gaming and everyday typing.

Beautifull Blue LED Backlight

With the brilliant, customisable LED backlighting, and many beautiful preset animations, you will be able to use the keyboard easily both at night and during the day.

Braided USB cable (1,6m)

High quality braided USB cable with coper-plated ending.

Dismountable Wrist Support

Our keyboard comes with a free wrist rest for maximum comfort.

The Highest Quality Only

Our design is both durable and good-looking, the alumininum backplate makes the keyboard nearly impossible to destroy and the double-shot keycaps can handle intense situations.

Optimized Performance

Our OUTEMU Brown switches are extremely smooth and pleasant switches to type with very light bumps and reliable keypresses.

A quick overview

Technical Specifications:
• OUTEMU Brown Switches
• Life span of 50 million keystrokes
• All keys have anti-ghosting
• All keys have Blue LED back-light
• 13 pre-installed backlight modes & 2 customizable backlight modes
• Fully copper braided wire with magnet ring
• USB cable of 1.6 meters and OD5.0mm
• Compatible with Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10
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