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Silvox, Our Journey

It’s been quite a journey. More than a year ago, we came up with the idea of creating an affordable yet high performance gaming keyboard. We are gaming fanatics ourselves, yet we thought that most A-brand keyboards were extremely overpriced. We said to ourselves, “We can do this better.” It had been decided that we start researching and one thing had led to another.

After just more than six months of trial and error, we found the right balance of performance and cost-efficient materials. Allow myself to explain a mere snippet of our thought process.

The base of the keyboard is metal, not cost-efficient whatsoever, but most certainly durable, sturdy and dope looking. However, this benefits performance as well due to the frame itself weighing quite a bit which rests snugly on our rubber non-skid pads. Whether in a 1v3 gunfight, or you see your door handle turning mid-session, this deadly combination makes it almost impossible to move the keyboard.

The switches implemented here are brown switches, they have a medium actuation force of 40 grams, which put them in between the well known clicky blue and red switches. The brown switch is considered to be a tactile switch with a pleasant and light acuation point of about 2 mm. This way each keypress is fairly quiet, for a mechenical switch, but still makes that glorious sought out clicky sound, just not as loud as blue switches.

As for the brand, since this is also important, we chose the Outemu Brown switches. Together with the Gatheron switches, these two are considered the main competitors of Cherry. Many believe there is no noticable difference between the switches of said brands. However, after testing all three switches, we concluded that difference between the switches is clear. Withal, the research conducted proves no benefit to performance, and as the lifetime of all switches are the same we decided to go with the Outemu Brown switch.

Obviously you do not only want a high performance keyboard; you want it to look good as well. The keyboard with the metal frame alone already looks bad ass. However, it also comes with blue backlighting and 12 preset animations! You may think, “Why not RGB or software to customize our keyboards animations?” Well, we want to keep our keyboard as affordable as possible with as main priority performance. RGB definitely pumps up the cost, and next to aesthetics it does not add anything else whatsoever. Nonetheless, we still hope to soon launch a RGB version of the keyboard!

Producing a keyboard involves way more decisions but boring you to death is not our intent. We hope this gave you a little more insight on our first product.

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